About Cellyon: Boss Confrontation

Cellyon: Boss Confrontation is a PC video game born from the desire to combine two kinds of gameplay that we particularly like:

  • The fight player vs player of the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)
  • The fight players versus monsters of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)

With Cellyon, we bring the competitive world to the universe of boss raids/fights.

On the planet Hildra, Cellyon regularly performs the ritual of creation which consumes all the energy of the planet and destroy its inhabitants. The achievement of this ritual results in a new dimension along with its astral guardian whose duty is to protect the parallel universe under the orders of Cellyon.

A new cycle starts: Cellyon keeps creating life and the parallel universe gradually extends.

Nonetheless, the astral guardians eventually betray Cellyon. Tired of seeing their universe regularly destroyed, they mix their own descendants with Cellyon's creatures reducing the amount of its magic in the blood of each individual.

Unable to collect enough magic, Cellyon is defeated by the astral guardians during a last ritual. Its death ends the Age of Cycles.

For the first time, the parallel universe survives the ritual and humanity can then grow to its full potential.

In this context begins the story of Cellyon: Boss Confrontation.

The gameplay in Cellyon: Boss Confrontation is based on what you can find in retro MMORPGs, like World of Warcraft. A build is composed of 6 different spells you can chose freely at the beginning of each fight, and the game uses a "tab-targetting system", which allows your spells to hit the target directly without having to aim.

This gameplay allows us to reach a high strategic complexity that focuses on multitasking and precise cooperation rather than keyboard skills.

Each player in the team will have an important role to play. Weather you choose to specialize in a role (tank, heal, dps), or to try out an hybrid mix, the main focus of the game is to push the players to adapt to each challenge by taking advantage of our no-stuff, no-leveling system.

Speaking of challenges, here are the two game modes you will be able to play.

The Hunt mode is fully PvE. You will be matched with 3 other players and sent against a random boss among the ones you selected.

Then, each time you win against a specific boss, its difficulty increases, which means more health points, more damage, but also more difficult affixes (random modifiers for the fight).

This game mode quickly becomes very challenging, but awesome cosmetics rewards are in order. Will you be among the most efficient teams of each season?

The Rift mode is based on the Hunt specifications, except you will be competing against another team.

Set into two different realities, both teams will face the same type of boss, with the aim of eliminating it before the other team.

In this game mode, you will have access to a new skill: the trance. This skill will allow you to interact with the reality of the opposing team and try to slow down their progress.

When you use this skill, you will have access to new powers that will depend on the class you chose at the beginning of the game. Unfortunately for you, your avatar will remain frozen in your own reality and it will be exposed to the boss's fury. So, the group will have to protect you.

You can choose to leave the trance at any time and resume the control of your avatar.

Additionally, Cellyon offers the ability to design a custom boss fight with a deep and intuitive editor, where players can set up the map as they wish and script the behaviours of the monsters.

To do so, they create spells that can freely affect every variable in the game, from players' life or speed to the colour of a model or a custom counter.

These levels can be released on the Steam Workshop and used by the players during custom games.

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